Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Newest Anime Addiction

Hello hello!

First of all, I want to say HAPPY SPRING!!!!! I know it's not technically spring yet, especially if you live in the midwest, but as a kinda observer of May Day, I consider it the start of a new season. Also, since I'm in the Carolinas right now, the weather is quite spring like, the daffodils out front started blooming , and I've been thinking up some sweet springy skirts to make in the very near future. In the meantime, I actually wanted to talk about ANIME!!!! Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!! I adore anime. Well, good, anime, if I may amend that statement. My wife and I don't own a television, so we count on the interwebs for our daily entertainment needs. American TV bores us, so we tend to watch a lot of documentaries, foreign films (when we can find 'em anyway), and loads of anime series. We've watched some pretty damn good ones lately, but I have to take this time to gush about my new addiction "Michiko e Hatchin". If you're not watching this series, you need to quit reading this blog, right now, and go watch the first episode. 

First of all, this is the first series I've ever seen where every character is one of colour. The series is set in Brazil, which, to my knowledge, is unheard of. The plot line, in my opinion, leaves a bit to be desired, only because I think it's far too simple, but the production is great, and I just adore the illustration. Not only that, I adore the main characters, obviously Michiko and Hana "Hatchin", a super bad ass, not to mention HAWT, escaped convict, and the kid she kidnaps to go looking for her ex-boyfriend (yeah, exactly  :/). I think maybe the fact that I'm watching this dubbed might be why I'm having serious issues following the story, but for the most part, I sorta don't care because it's so addictive. It has tons of flavor, whatwith being set in Brazil, however, it doesn't portray that postcard, "let's have a vacation there" side of the city. It shows the very real reality of daily life for the impoverished peoples of the city, run by dirty cops, gangs,swindlers, and child traffickers. On the other hand, I think it's a beautiful portrayal of the ugly side of life there, even if there are children shooting adults in the streets. I think the thing I love the most is how dynamic the series is. I haven't gotten to the last episode yet, but so far, I can say that not one episode has left anything to be desired. The development of the characters is saddening, hilarious, and even relatable, as you come to realize just how lonely they ALL must be, having grown up in this very harsh world. Each one, even the villain, is someone you can have true empathy for, as they weren't given much choice in the way they have to live. Michiko might be an immature, lazy brat, but you can totally understand why.

I'm mostly looking forward to seeing how Hatchin's character develops though. She's a 10 year old with a huge personality, and as the series progresses, you get to watch her struggle with growing up way too fast while trying to retain some iota of her innocence.

Since I dunno where the story is going quite yet, I won't try to give a synopsis on it. It's fun and daring, dangerous and superbly sexy, and I highly recommend it, so go, now. Here's a link:

Enjoy it and tell me what ya think!

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