Friday, May 17, 2013

Refashioning Fashion and the World With It

Hi dolls!

Lately I've been having trouble getting inspired to make some things I definitely want to finish, mostly because there are things I think I need in order to finish them, but also because I've been dealing with the issue of whether or not I should really open a shop. It's not necessarily a question of whether or not I should do so, it's a much larger matter of what that will mean for my place in our current economic structure, the pros and cons of accepting money for things I have no desire to exploit, and how long it will take before I get tired of having to promote and advertise, in order to make a decent income., because I have no real desire to make money.

See, my problem is economic and spiritual in nature, because what I want and how I want to go about it seem so completely unfathomable in our current condition. I am at odds with the idea that we live in a society that worships money, and not creativity. I do not like that as a result of this false idolatry, only certain people have access to certain things. I am disappointed that, as a whole, we, as the propagators of this society, have failed to take action and break down this system, which only perpetuates poverty, a social hierarchy that cares only for material resources, and the continuous destruction of our environment. What I want is to create a world where beautiful things are all around and free for the taking. Where I don't have to consider the money I spent in order to create something wonderful, because there was no money involved in the process. I want to see people wearing amazing, stylish, eco-friendly clothes, because they enjoy how it makes them feel, and not because it's a status symbol. 

I HATE that clothing is a status symbol. I HATE that high fashion labels dictate to us what we should wear, what we should look like, how we should present ourselves, when behind all of that, their factories are filled with men, women, and children, who don't make enough to feed themselves, let alone wear these clothes themselves. I HATE that we allow these so called "clothing designers" even have a place in society, when half of what they make is uninspired, stolen ideas, boxed-in, and most of the time, downright ugly. These clothes only serve to give us false ideas about who we are supposed to be when we wear them. They lock us into false gender roles, stratify us in a false hierarchy based on labels, and undermine our ability to be ourselves. 

I am passionate about so many facets of what needs to be changed in our world, and none of it will come without the complete destruction of our current one. When I started making clothes, I had no idea that I was capable of making such beautiful things. I was so excited to have found this talent, because it's something I truly enjoy. All day everyday, I have visions of gorgeous clothes, I'm always playing dress up in my head. But it goes beyond dress up for me, because dress up implies that you are wearing something in order to pretend to be someone you aren't, and that's not what I want my clothes to do. My clothes to me are a reflection of who I actually am, and are for others who are like me and want to be themselves. It's not just about clothes either, it's about my place in a world where money is god, and everything down to human life can be bought and sold. My wife and I make all sorts of things, and want to share them with anyone who will enjoy them. It seems so simple, and makes so much sense to us, to just make things and give them away. The profit is the enjoyment of having done it, and knowing other people will enjoy it, and find uses for these things. 

The reality is that this is a hard thing to do when we're currently relying on a system that does nothing for us. I choose to live a life that is radical for some, but works for me, and that is being free of money. I'll talk about that in another post, but suffice to say that this means that I have to be pretty creative when it comes to finding things for free to use and produce. Finding free things isn't necessarily all that hard either, but doesn't negate that there are things I still need and must buy if I'm going to get them, which leaves me in a state of limbo more often than not, and is very frustrating. Because I refuse to make excuses for our system, I prefer not to immediately jump back into the world of money. It's doing us more bad than good, and won't do me any good to rely on it to do what I love. That taints my creativity, kills my vision, and leaves me feeling hopeless when I know that I, and everyone on our planet, deserves to be able to have what they need and want when they need and want it. 

Beauty, creativity, and love should not come at a price. And I do believe that we inherently understand this. What we're missing is the inspiration and hope that we can create a world where LIFE is free. We're missing the motivation to stop the madness that is our world. As long as we continue to believe we need money, we will remain selfish and destructive. War will not end, poverty will only get worse, and we will ruin our planet to the point where we will not be able to survive on it. I have all the hope in the world, and no idea where to start, but I don't think the "regular" way of doing things is the right way. What I need is help, and lots of it, and it must come from the hearts of those who want to change the world with me. Perhaps it is you?

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