Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby Deer and Bad Days

Hi hi!

I haven't written in a few days, mostly because I haven't been having the best...few days. I'm experiencing a stall in my projects because I need more things, someone I considered my best friend, is being the absolute worst friend, and I feel a general sense of malaise. I don't like it very much, but life is going to do what it will, so I must roll with the punches, as it were. In the interim though, I want to tell you about this, read on!

I found a baby deer on Friday afternoon, down at the beach, hidden in the grass. Of course, me being the woodland creature that I am, had to bring her back home to show to the kiddies we babysit, and also to make sure she hadn't been abandoned. After google magicking, I learned something! Isn't google amazing? Did you know that mama deer "park" their babies after they are born? They leave them in a spot for a day, alone, to go find food in order to make milk, and don't come back until dusk, to feed their fawn. Fawns are unafraid of humans, and will (obviously) let you pick them up and carry them to your house where your dogs and crazy cat will inspect it, try to hump it, and make it generally uncomfortable. After allowing you to gush all over it about how absolutely adorable it is, it will give you sad eyes, telling you how much it misses it's mother, and plead with you to please take it back to it's spot in the tall grass by the beach, just like google says to do. Just look at that face.

    (She was so tiny! I succumbed to cute baby animal weakness ><)
             (who can resist a baby and a baby deer?)

Seeing as how I am definitely not a deer, and I definitely do not have the time or the means (or the desire), to care for a fawn, I promptly took her back to her parking spot, where, I am happy to report, her mother found her, and they have gone on to wherever they are out here in the woods of South Carolina.To that end, I just want to say how much I adore being out in "nature" ( I hate calling it that, it's as if being outside is something separate, something other, when in reality, it's where we always are). Friday was not a good day, and it was a strange day indeed, to stumble upon a fawn. But I learned something more than what the parks and recreation site told me. I learned a little bit more humility, a little more grace, and a little more love for the creatures we share this planet with. Our earth always has surprises for us, in the most unexpected of moments, to give our hearts and souls a little warmth when we need it the most. <3

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